Highest Quality Virgin IPv6 Proxy

Highest Quality Virgin IPv6 Proxy

This is a matter of great importance, as well as very controversial, because talking about IPv6 Proxy, its quality, is the fact of being a virgin, we need to address some matters of extreme importance:

What is a Proxy?

The definition of Proxy would be intermediary, bridge or simply proxy!
Read more about Proxy at!

What is an IP Address?

Unique network address on a home local network (private IP, non-public IP), or belonging to a public network (valid IP used for inbound and outbound connections on the World Wide Web) Internet.
We currently have two Network Protocols that identify these IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6), which are part of the TCP/IP protocol.

Public IPv4 example: – Google IPv4 Public DNS
Public IPv6 example:

2001:4860:4860::8888 – Google IPv6 Public DNS

What is an IP Proxy?

When we talk about IP Proxy, we talk about a technique of implementing a Proxy (bearer, forwarder, proxy) with 1 Public IPv4 address for forwarding connection input; allowing the user who requires the connection to go out through one or multiple (In each connection port a new IP) IPv4 or IP/v6 Outgoing for World Wide Web!

What is an IPv6 Proxy?

It is an IP Proxy service that allows a certain DataFast Proxies client that, despite not having IPv6 on its network, can go out to the Internet (World Wide Web) through an IPv4 port routing system.
IPv4:PORT —-> IPv6
Input —-> Output

What aspects define the quality of an IP (IPv4 or IPv6)?

Every public IP (IPv4 or IPv6) is linked to an ASN (Autonomous System), each ISP has one or more ASN records linked to its ISP (Internet service provider).
There are 3 main different types of ISP (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3), each of these with their respective tasks within the general body of the Global Internet.
The ISP’s that deliver internet connections to end users are primarily Tier 3 ISP’s, also known as Last Mile ISP’s, or regional providers.

There are also ISP’s that provide Infrastructure services (Cloud Service Providers).

The quality of an IP Address is related to its history of this IP address on the World Wide Web, its links (as well as the practices linked to the subnet of this IPv4 or IPv6), as well as the practices of the ASN to which this Address is linked.

DataFast Proxies currently operates its own Backbone, as well as having allocations (IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets) in several ASNs it owns, as well as IPv4 and IPv6 allocations under registration of different third-party ASN’s).

We maintain strict control over the IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses that we manage directly or indirectly, not allowing them to be linked to any type of blacklist by Spam, DDOS Attack, our IP addresses are not identified as Proxy Service, Tor Browser Node or VPN, our IPv4 or IPv6 Addresses, are listed in the most rigorous databases as Maxmind and IP2Location as Transit IPv4 or IPv6 Addresses, 2G, 4G or Wireless Operators, or Multimedia Content Provider by Fiber Optics!

Another very important aspect that is largely related to the quality of our IPv4 Addresses is IPv6, it has a correlation with your confirmation of your Geographic location in all Whois DB, Maxmind, IP2Location, Google (Google operates its own IPv4 Geolocation is IPv6), as well as in all Major Geolocation Players IPv4 is IPv6.

We currently have 46 Geographic Locations from where you can get IPv6 Proxy. See all Available IPv6 Proxy Geographic Locations!

What is a Virgin IPv6 Proxy?

It is an IPv6 Proxy service that guarantees that IPv6 addresses are actually being used for the first time, guaranteeing excellence and effectiveness in all your automation processes with IPv6 Proxy!

By default every new service is built automatically like our system, where we provision exclusively for each new service an IPv6 /48 subnet, the addresses are randomly configured using the full length of this /48.

A /48 IPv6 Subnet has a total of 65,536 IPv6 /64 Subnets, that is, a /48 has a total of 1.208.925.819.614.620.000.000.000 IPv6 Addresses (A number of IPv6 Addresses that can be considered unpronounceable ).
Creating an application with 1 Thread, which will use 1 new IPv6 address every 1 Minute, would take 13.992.196.986.280.300.000 Days to be able to use all the IP’s on this IPv6 subnet.
We can also build specific services, Premium services, working with the following IPv6 Subnet /46, /44, /42, /40, or any other need you have in Virgin IPv6 Proxy!

For this reason, DataFast Proxies will always be able to guarantee you the Definitive Solution in Virgin IPv6 Proxy!

DataFast Proxies, Ultimate Solution in Highest Quality Virgin IPv6 Proxies!